February 21, 2014

Toledo Symphony Orchestra Programs for Teens and Young Adults

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In addition to his daily duties as chief of the Civil Division of the Prosecutor’s Office in Lucas County, Ohio, Steve Papadimos speaks to various audiences about the First Amendment. Steven Papadimos also contributed an article about prosecutors’ civil liability to the Prosecutor Journal of the National District Attorneys Association. Steve Papadimos takes an active interest in the affairs of his community, which includes support for the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.

Incorporated in 1951, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra (TSO) strives to create and maintain a community of area musicians who provide superior performances as well as educational programs for people of all ages in the Toledo area. In addition to youth education programs for children and adults, the TSO provides numerous educational opportunities for teenagers and young adults.

The Young Artists Competition supports young musicians with prizes that include a chance to perform in concert with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. Scholarships from the TSO and the Toledo Symphony League give promising young musicians and TSO musicians the opportunity to attend the Toledo Symphony School of Music. Additional musical education initiatives include support for music programs in the schools and free music lessons for younger community members.


February 10, 2014

A Proud Advocate of Arts and Music

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A proud advocate of the arts in his community, Toledo, Ohio, resident Steve Papadimos has shown resolve in promoting music and performing arts through his support of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. With the help of Steven Papadimos and other symphony patrons, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra maintains a diverse program of events and educational efforts that continues each season.

Incorporated in 1951, the Toledo Symphony began as a small group of part-time players, numbering only 22. Growing over time to include nearly 80 full-time musicians, the orchestra has had the opportunity to host a variety of guest musicians and conductors, including the likes of cellist Yo-Yo Ma, violinist Sarah Chang, and conductor Grant Llewellyn.

In addition to its cast of polished performers, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra has established the Toledo Symphony School of Music, where families and children can pursue private lessons in the Suzuki Method and group classes to enrich students’ learning. The Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra also provides an opportunity for talented young students to come together and perform in a professional setting.

Relying on the support of its patrons, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra seeks to continue its practice of the performing arts and enhance the cultural atmosphere of northeastern Ohio through music and music education.