October 21, 2013

The Psychological, Social, and Physical Benefits of Soccer by Steven Papadimos

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Like basketball and running, soccer requires participants to move constantly, making it an excellent way to improve health. Even better, recent studies show that soccer gives us a fun, physical outlet for social interaction, making it an all-around beneficial activity.
Soccer gives humans the social interaction they crave due to its team-based nature. During a game, players must communicate quickly, yet efficiently, with their teammates. Team-oriented actions such as moving the ball down the field to set up and score goals and stealing the ball away from opposing players bring about a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

The sport’s most obvious benefit is, of course, physical fitness. Individuals who participate in soccer often engage in as many as two two-hour practice sessions per week, in addition to games and scrimmages. Those hours contribute to better cardiovascular health as well as improved metabolic function.

About Steve Papadimos:
Soccer enthusiast Steve Papadimos is Chief of the Civil Division of the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office, based in Toledo, Ohio.