October 6, 2012

Preventing Crimes Against the Elderly, by Steve Papadimos

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Triad, a national program that promotes awareness of crimes against senior citizens, hosts an annual conference intended to educate attendees on crimes committed against the elderly and ways to prevent them. These crimes range from scams and abuse to property damage and theft.

To combat scam artists and thieves attempting to steal property, seniors and their families should familiarize themselves with different schemes. Do not give out sensitive information such as credit card numbers over the phone or Internet unless the senior knows and trusts the source. Most companies stress that they will never ask for such information, so any phone calls or e-mails to the contrary should immediately be reported.

Err on the side of caution when dealing with visitors asking for entry into the home. If an individual claims to represent a gas, electric, or cable company, politely refuse admittance unless the senior made an appointment. Keep doors locked and invest in an easy-to-use alarm system, especially one that accommodates individuals with poor eyesight and/or hearing.

About the Author

Steve Papadimos has served residents of Toledo, Ohio, as their Chief of the Civil Division for the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office for over 30 years.