May 7, 2015

An Introduction to Basic Bass Fishing Gear

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Steven (Steve) Papadimos oversees 14 attorneys involved in public-sector law as the chief of the civil division at the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office in Toledo, Ohio. In his free time, Steve Papadimos enjoys a variety of activities, including bass fishing.

For those new to bass fishing, the seemingly innumerable types of fishing tackle available for purchase can be a bit overwhelming. In the face of so many different rods, reels, hooks, lures, and spinners, many beginners may find themselves wondering if bass fishing is simply too complicated to enjoy. Despite the wide variety of equipment, however, you only need a few items before you head to the nearest lake for a day of fishing.

Obviously, the two most important pieces of equipment are the rod and reel. These can be purchased together or separately, but beginning anglers should choose a versatile rod and reel that can be used for both live and artificial bait fishing. Spool your reel with 10-pound monofilament test line, and you will have a nice setup that can be used in most of the situations anglers encounter.

After the rod and reel, the next items on your list should be some basic live bait tackle, including small- and medium-sized hooks, weights, swivels, and bobbers. As for artificial baits, a good place to start is with a small assortment of lures that include spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jigs. After you spend a little time on the water, you will quickly learn what fish respond to and have a better idea of what you need to add to your tackle box for future fishing trips.